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Selected Excerpts from Press Clippings

"An Extraordinary Encounter Between Two Creators - Sofitel SO Mauritius byThai architect Lek Bunnag

.....the 92 Suites ad Villas are intimately nestled within luxuriant Eden-like gardens ....Architect Lek Bunnag

has designed a radiant venue that celebrates the magnificence of nature and brilliantly blurs barriers

between indoors and out. Exclusive  creations and  collections  by Kenzo Takada  superbly highlight  the purity

of Lek Bunnag's modern decor"

The World Financial Review


"Pangkor Laut, An Exclusive New Preserve of Private Suites on a Secluded Malaysian Island .... Bensley reserved the most dramatic sites for swimming pools, which he designed 'to surprise and to take advantage of the best views. ' Whenever possible, they were set at the level of the horizon line, which Bunnag feels is 'the most powerful element  of a beach resort ... ..... "

Architectural Digest


"Phulay Bay, a Ritz Carlton Reserve.... the Ritz-Carlton group's first property marketed under its new

Reserve label, the company employed top architect Lek Bunnag. The result is a soulful masterpiece comprising enormous teak doors, colossal beds, enormous  bathing areas and erotic Lanna art from northern Thailand........"




"Ritz-Carlton's Phulay Bay -       the first of a new type of super-secluded, ultraluxurious bolt-holes that the chain calls 'reserves'. It is one that Bunnag designed, and he was clearly preoccupied with rather more than the colour of the curtains. 'If the designer knows how to be in harmony with the cosmic forces', he says grandly, 'with the sun, the moon, the breeze, the horizon, the shadows, the more dramatic the guest's experience will be' ......."


Time Magazine

" 'The site came first', says architect Lek Bun-nag. It always does, of course. But inthe case of Maia Luxury Resort & Spa, a sensitively designed, environmentally conscious resort in the African island nation known as the Republic of the Seychelles, the lush tropical surroundings dictated every aspect of the design .....Bensley says 'If you can get the first step right, and I think thats what Lek did so beautifully, then everything else can fall into place. After that,

all the other details are easy. '

Architectural Digest


''Maia is the perfect mix of chic, contemporary design and traditional comfort with a dash of Eastern spirituality"


The Sunday Telegraph 2009


"The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, Thailand .....the resort calls The Spa 'a temple of harmony for the body, mind and soul'. They are not exaggerating. Other appropriate adjectives include romantic, indulgent, exclusive, and private. Mr. Lek Bunnag of Bunnag Architects of Bangkok, who did the architectural design and interiors, based The Spa's design on several ancient Thai Lanna Temples in the north. The design concept in creating The Spa was to provide a luxurious facility with total privacy for clients while at the same time incorporating both nature and culture and carefully blending the spa into the resort's existing environment. To say they met their goal is an understatement. "


"Lek Bunnag stands out as the Thai architect who has made the most impressivedesign impact on the international resort and spa industry. From the prestigiousTrident Gurgaon in New Delhi to the Oberoi on Mauritius and the Lanna Spa at the upscale Four Seasons Resort at Chiang Mai, Bunnag has cleverly combined indigenous culture and architectural traditions into innovative, imaginative buildings and spaces that have taken resort architecture to a new and more elegant level of expression. "

Property Report Thailand

"The Barai - like spending time on a flying carpet... I am not even going to attempt to describe the impressive size of this place or all the details that result in its appearance, but I do have to say this place is amazingly beautiful. It has been built to cater to all your 5 senses;-Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell and Touch. The goal of

the journey is to bring peace and tranquility to the guest of the Barai......Designed by the famous Thai architect, Lek Bunnag and named after large man-made water reservoirs (the Barays), somebody has put a lot of thought into the design and how this place would be experienced. It is hard to separate the design, service and treatment; they go hand in hand. However it would be a disservice not to try to describe how it impacts on you visually although I would need a thesis length story to do it justice."

"The Barai at Hyatt Hua Hin ... ... ...It is said that Architecture deals with light and shadow. It deals with the unseen. Lek Mathar Bunnag is an architect that dances playfully within the light and shadow that he creates in his work. "


Spaces Magazine

"Trident Gurgaon is an oasis of elegance and luxury with superb attention to detail that creates a soothing blend of warm effortless service and harmonious spaces. It is a hotel where colour is not about bright reds and shocking pinks. White is the predominant colour in the hotel decorated with quaint courtyards, water bodies, walkways and high ceilings ....The entrance is the first of many grand vistas executed by the designer, Lek Bunnag"


Business Traveller


"HILTONHIGH ......Few hotels ever make the transition from overnight halt to welcome escape from reality. Those that do often owe much to their architecture .....What sets this hotel apart is that, like all out-of the-ordinary buildings, it makes you feel at ease with where you are, yet transports you into another world.


Hotel Magazine

"Dusit Devarana Unveiled ......Bunnag has built it such that it blends art and architecture into nature..... plays masterfully with light and shadows throughout the property and has incorporated multiple water bodies ..... One thousand trees that formed the landscape .... "


"Thai architect Lech Bunnag ..... what he has done at The Oberoi Mauritius is sheer magic - again. Wherever he works, he gets the karma, or Jeng shui or whatever you want to call it, right. At the risk of upsetting a few, his Trident Gurgaon remains the most beautiful hotel in the entire Delhi area ... ...Lech Bunnag s magic includes

getting proportions and ergonomics right ... ..... Some architects are the dominant factor when it comes to design - think Norman Fosters curlicue additions to both the Capella Singapore and the Dolder Grand, high above Zurich, or think, come to it, of I.M Pei and Four Seasons New York. In the case of Lech Bunnag, his architecture blends so perfectly with a luxury hotels interiors, and its gardens. "


"Bill Bensley first came to Asia in 1984 after following his mentor, master architect Mathar 'Lek' Bunnag who shared his class at Harvard ... ...Says Bill: "Out of all the teachers I ever had, Lek, although never my official teacher was by far the best." (Bunnag calls Bensley: 'The greatest contemporary artist I know. He grows with things around him.')

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